Saturday, 7 December 2013

Window Cleaning Melbourne

Keeping windows clean is a difficult and sometimes dangerous chore for many home owners and renters alike.

Messy streaks, dangerous ladders, bad weather and poor equipment can contribute to a whole lot of work , often with unsatisfactory results. This is largely because the elusive streak free window remains a mystery to most people.

MyHome is eliminating this problem with our new window cleaning service across Melbourne. We use a custom built system that uses only purified water and absolutely no chemicals to give you the best result in window cleaning.

The UltraPure Window Cleaning system from MyHome removes dirt and debris from your windows leaving them cleaner for longer. There are many who claim to provide the very best in window cleaning, however, at MyHome – we provide a guarantee:

-          If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll do it again FREE

Our professional team have all been trained as window cleaning specialists. They are fully insured, and we’ve removed alof of the the risk as we don’t use ladders. We ensure our window cleaners stay safely on the ground.

If you’re tired of streaky, dirty windows then leave it to the professionals and have your windows crystal clear. Call MyHome on 13 22 31 1 for a free, no obligation quote and let your home see the world, or visit our Window Cleaning page: