Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Best Carpet Cleaning for Melbourne Homes

MyHome have developed the best system for carpet cleaning for Melbourne’s homes.

Over the past 10 years MyHome has become the preferred cleaning company for hundreds of homes around Melbourne. With high demand for our carpet cleaning service, we are expanding the areas we service . Those who have used our service have been amazed at some of the results they’ve seen.
But what makes us special?

It’s the MyHome 6 Step “Dry Touch” Process. Here’s how it works, step by step.

1.       A Power Head, Wall to Wall and Crevice Vacuuming
Using a hospital-grade SEBO filtration vacuum, we remove years of built up dust, grime, dirt, soils and pet hair. These potentially harmful products are often trapped in hard to clean places such as crevices and carpet edges.

2.       Individual Spot and Stain Treatment
Our technicians are trained to test each stain before treating it as permanent stains and discolouring can “fuse” to your carpets if treated incorrectly. Once tested, our technicians treat the blemish correctly for the best finish.

3.       Dry Touch Encapsulation Application
Our specially imported Big BOSS electric sprayer, powered by a 12 volt engine, is used to layer a fine neutral encapsulation spray over your carpet. The spray begins to create a clear polymer over dirt and soiling.

4.       Orbital Massaging
The Encapsulation product is massaged gently into each individual fibre of your carpet using our specially engineered HOS orbital scrubber at low RPM.  This process traps and crystallizes deep dirt and soiling ready for removal.

5.       Groomed Pile Alignment
After gentle agitation to capture the dirt and soil, the carpet fibres are groomed back into line using a process called ‘Pile Alignment’. Our technicians use the industry designed Grandi Groom Brush for this alignment process which treats the fibre tips to put wear back into them. Pile Alignment also helps accelerate the drying time required.

6.       MyHome Quality Care, Post Vacuum
Our technician will return to your home the following day to thoroughly vacuum your carpet, remove furniture coasters and attend to any stubborn spots or stains that may have re-appeared. This final step ensures we leave you with completely clean carpets – guaranteed!

It is our process, our professionalism and our service that sets MyHome apart from others carpet cleaning Melbourne’s homes. If you’d like to see the difference, click here for further information about our carpet cleaning and other cleaning services. Or call us on 13 22 31 to book your carpet cleaning today!