Monday, 29 February 2016

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring a Cleaner

Cleaning is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. Although it may seem like a luxury, hiring a cleaner to take care of the dirty work actually makes practical sense.
When looking to hire a cleaner, people have hesitate for a number of reasons. There is a concern for who will be coming into the privacy of your home and the expectations of the service that will be delivered for the money you are paying.
These days, there should be no need to sign a contract, you should be able to hire a professional team that will help you find options to fit your budget and home with transparency and trust. If you’re still not convinced that you should look into a cleaning service, here are three reasons why you should:

1. Nobody can clean everything – Do you even enjoy doing housework?

You might do a great job of keeping your home clean but there will always be something that suffers whether it is the bathroom grout, dusting the baseboards or getting the cobwebs from the cornices. You just can’t do it all.
We all have certain cleaning tasks that we don’t enjoy and tend to get behind with. In today’s busy world, it’s okay to call in a professional to handle the stuff you hate. How much more would you love life if you never had to clean a toilet again?

2. Keeping things clean saves money in the long run

Your home is probably your single largest investment. Maintaining its surfaces is essential to maintaining its overall value and all surfaces need regular cleaning to stay fresh.
The longer we allow dirt and oils to build up on the surfaces of our home, the harder they are to clean in the end and the more likely you are to need to spend money to undo the damage. Regular cleaning and a once every few months deep clean of your home prevents wear and tear from progressing much faster than it normally would.

3. Your time is more valuable than the cost of a cleaner

Hiring a house cleaner may seem like a luxury, but it’s actually a very smart decision in the long run. If you generally spend a day on your weekend or throughout the week cleaning, think about how you could spend that time if it was given back to you and the cleaning was already taken care of.
The time that you budget for a cleaning service is time that you give back to yourself and your family. That time is priceless. 

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

What to look for when hiring a cleaner..

Why Myhome is Melbourne's number one choice for residential cleaning.

Cleaning certainly isn’t for everyone but it is our passion! Myhome have been cleaning Melbourne homes for over 10 years now and have built a strong reputation for delivering the highest standards.

We are experts in our field and take pride in the fact that we have thousands of satisfied customers who come back to us time and again for repeat services. 

Our comprehensive range of services includes specialist options and standard services such as Regular Residential CleaningOne-Off Spring CleaningCarpet CleaningMoving Home Cleaning and Window Cleaning.

Finding a cleaner that is reliable and trustworthy can be a difficult task and at Myhome, we know the importance of engaging in an efficient cleaning service. The top 5 reasons our customers choose Myhome every time are:

We are a company you can trust
Having been established for over 10 years, and with thousands of satisfied customers you can trust us to clean your home to the very highest of standards, time and time again.

We employ and train our great, reliable staff members
Having completed our comprehensive training program using our unique cleaning systems, all our staff know exactly what to do and the quality cleaning standards that are expected of them each time they visit your home.

We provide peace of mind and security in your home
All staff are full-time employees (we don’t use part-time or casual staff) who are fully insured and have been through our strict vetting and selection process. What’s more, we also have an experienced supervisor on every job.

You won’t find better customer service
You’ll find that we tailor the range of Myhome cleaning services to meet your individual needs. We supply all equipment, materials and, wherever possible, the same staff, leaving you nothing to do but enjoy your brilliantly clean home.

Guaranteed results
By specialising in residential cleaning, we’re confident that we can provide a range of professional cleaning services that will exceed your expectations – delivering some of the most thorough residential, window and carpet cleaning Melbourne has to offer.
Our priority is your satisfaction. In fact, we’re so confident that we guarantee that we’ll do the job again, free of charge, if you’re not completely satisfied.

To find out more about our complete range of home services, or to discuss how Myhome can guarantee you a brilliantly clean home, call us on 13 22 31 today!

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

A new year - a clean home!

The festive season has come and gone and for most of us, has left a mess behind. Looking around, you are probably wondering how you'll ever dig out!
The solution? myhome.
Deep-cleaning your entire house is a huge job. A chore that makes most people cringe. Why not do yourself a favour this New Year and secure your home a spring clean or a regular clean with the team at myhome!
Instead of coming home to another job of cleaning your house in 2016, let the myhome team take care of the dirty work for you, leaving you time to enjoy your home and the more important things in life!
It is easy. All you have to do is give our friendly team a call on 13 22 31 for a free estimate and lock in your new years resolution of more time on your hands and a fresh, healthy and clean home for the year!
We wish everyone a happy and healthy 2016!

The Annual myhome Christmas Party

The 2015 myhome christmas party turned out to be another great event for everyone involved! It was fantastic to see all of our staff enjoying themselves and celebrating a big year of hard work.

A big thanks to Beer DeLuxe Hawthorn for having us and putting on a fantastic night filled with delicious food, good music and plenty of drinks!

Thank you also to Metamorphys for our personalised myhome balloon bouquets and The Cupcake Queens and Ferguson Plarre Balwyn for our yummy myhome cupcakes and cake to share. The decorations were all great additions to the night!

Congratulations and thank you to the myhome team for a great 2015. We look forward to a bigger and better 2016 with you all!

Scroll below for a few photos of the night!

Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Best Carpet Cleaning for Melbourne Homes

MyHome have developed the best system for carpet cleaning for Melbourne’s homes.

Over the past 10 years MyHome has become the preferred cleaning company for hundreds of homes around Melbourne. With high demand for our carpet cleaning service, we are expanding the areas we service . Those who have used our service have been amazed at some of the results they’ve seen.
But what makes us special?

It’s the MyHome 6 Step “Dry Touch” Process. Here’s how it works, step by step.

1.       A Power Head, Wall to Wall and Crevice Vacuuming
Using a hospital-grade SEBO filtration vacuum, we remove years of built up dust, grime, dirt, soils and pet hair. These potentially harmful products are often trapped in hard to clean places such as crevices and carpet edges.

2.       Individual Spot and Stain Treatment
Our technicians are trained to test each stain before treating it as permanent stains and discolouring can “fuse” to your carpets if treated incorrectly. Once tested, our technicians treat the blemish correctly for the best finish.

3.       Dry Touch Encapsulation Application
Our specially imported Big BOSS electric sprayer, powered by a 12 volt engine, is used to layer a fine neutral encapsulation spray over your carpet. The spray begins to create a clear polymer over dirt and soiling.

4.       Orbital Massaging
The Encapsulation product is massaged gently into each individual fibre of your carpet using our specially engineered HOS orbital scrubber at low RPM.  This process traps and crystallizes deep dirt and soiling ready for removal.

5.       Groomed Pile Alignment
After gentle agitation to capture the dirt and soil, the carpet fibres are groomed back into line using a process called ‘Pile Alignment’. Our technicians use the industry designed Grandi Groom Brush for this alignment process which treats the fibre tips to put wear back into them. Pile Alignment also helps accelerate the drying time required.

6.       MyHome Quality Care, Post Vacuum
Our technician will return to your home the following day to thoroughly vacuum your carpet, remove furniture coasters and attend to any stubborn spots or stains that may have re-appeared. This final step ensures we leave you with completely clean carpets – guaranteed!

It is our process, our professionalism and our service that sets MyHome apart from others carpet cleaning Melbourne’s homes. If you’d like to see the difference, click here for further information about our carpet cleaning and other cleaning services. Or call us on 13 22 31 to book your carpet cleaning today!

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Window Cleaning Melbourne

Keeping windows clean is a difficult and sometimes dangerous chore for many home owners and renters alike.

Messy streaks, dangerous ladders, bad weather and poor equipment can contribute to a whole lot of work , often with unsatisfactory results. This is largely because the elusive streak free window remains a mystery to most people.

MyHome is eliminating this problem with our new window cleaning service across Melbourne. We use a custom built system that uses only purified water and absolutely no chemicals to give you the best result in window cleaning.

The UltraPure Window Cleaning system from MyHome removes dirt and debris from your windows leaving them cleaner for longer. There are many who claim to provide the very best in window cleaning, however, at MyHome – we provide a guarantee:

-          If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll do it again FREE

Our professional team have all been trained as window cleaning specialists. They are fully insured, and we’ve removed alof of the the risk as we don’t use ladders. We ensure our window cleaners stay safely on the ground.

If you’re tired of streaky, dirty windows then leave it to the professionals and have your windows crystal clear. Call MyHome on 13 22 31 1 for a free, no obligation quote and let your home see the world, or visit our Window Cleaning page:

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Saying Hasta La Vista to Dust Bunnies

If you find yourself getting itchy or sneezing a lot, then maybe it's time to get your broom sticks, feather dusters, and vacuum cleaner on the ready, go around your home, and hunt down those bad dust bunnies.

Hair (yours or your pet's), dust, dirt, soil, and all other kinds of debris could get really frustrating, especially when they start to build up. There are a bunch of dust hot spots where all the dust bunnies like to conjure and summon more of them. When cleaning, it's important to get everything cleaned up and to leave no survivors. One particular area you should put some focus on is the rug.

Being so close to the ground and made of fabric or similar materials, rugs can gather a ton of dust and dirt. Rugs are tricky to clean because even though you can wash them up with water, doing so could make colors fade or damage the material.

Vacuuming regularly is a great way to keep the dust in rugs at bay, and you can also hang them up outdoors and beat at them to get the dust off. If there are stains, or if you want a more effective cleaning, you can also look for cleaners who offer encapsulation methods wherein they use sprays to create polymers that cling to the dirt and vacuum them off.

With thorough cleaning, you can say goodbye to your allergies and hasta la vista to those dust bunnies.