Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Saying Hasta La Vista to Dust Bunnies

If you find yourself getting itchy or sneezing a lot, then maybe it's time to get your broom sticks, feather dusters, and vacuum cleaner on the ready, go around your home, and hunt down those bad dust bunnies.

Hair (yours or your pet's), dust, dirt, soil, and all other kinds of debris could get really frustrating, especially when they start to build up. There are a bunch of dust hot spots where all the dust bunnies like to conjure and summon more of them. When cleaning, it's important to get everything cleaned up and to leave no survivors. One particular area you should put some focus on is the rug.

Being so close to the ground and made of fabric or similar materials, rugs can gather a ton of dust and dirt. Rugs are tricky to clean because even though you can wash them up with water, doing so could make colors fade or damage the material.

Vacuuming regularly is a great way to keep the dust in rugs at bay, and you can also hang them up outdoors and beat at them to get the dust off. If there are stains, or if you want a more effective cleaning, you can also look for cleaners who offer encapsulation methods wherein they use sprays to create polymers that cling to the dirt and vacuum them off.

With thorough cleaning, you can say goodbye to your allergies and hasta la vista to those dust bunnies.