Sunday, 25 August 2013

Tips on Choosing a Quality Carpet for Your Home

Carpets make your home look comfortably snug and warm, making them a perfect addition for the approaching cold months. When you're looking to buy new ones, make sure that you get one that's in great condition and is of high quality and durability. Here are some tips:

Fiber content is perhaps the most important thing to check in a carpet, since your choice will affect the way your carpet will keep your home warm and comfy. Polypropylene can endure foot traffic well and can last a long time, while nylon can withstand stains and fading. Wool is also very resistant to wear and has excellent insulation properties, but it needs to be cleaned regularly to keep it away from stains.

If you're placing carpets in rooms where there is a lot of ultraviolet light coming in, opt for colors that can effectively resist fading. Light-colored carpets tend to fade less than darker ones, but they are stained easily. In short, opt to balance color choice with the room's propensity for spills or dirt stains.

High-quality carpet pads are available to protect your carpet. Although they might turn out expensive, they are actually good investments as they provide more comfort for the feet, stand up to wear, and function as carpet covers. This, plus proper care and carpet cleaning, assures you that your carpet will last a long time.